Elizabeth Lucas

B.AS (Speech Pathology) USyd.

Founder/Managing director

Elizabeth is the director of TLC Speech Pathology. Elizabeth graduated from The University of Sydney and is a current member of Speech Pathology Australia.


She has been working as a speech pathologist for over 10 years. She takes a family centric, hands on approach with all of her patients. She works with children and adolescents who have difficulties with articulation, auditory processing, language and literacy skills.

Elizabeth works closely with parents and teachers to ensure the best therapy outcomes. 

"... TLC is about the family as much as it is the child undergoing treatment... my extensive experience and genuine enthusiasm for the field means that I give 100% with all of my kids 100% of the time!"

Tammy Nguyen

B.AS (Speech Pathology) USyd.

Tammy is currently a certified practising speech pathologist and a member of Speech Pathology Australia with a Bachelor degree in Applied Sciences (Speech Pathology) from The University of Sydney.


She provides tailored services in the Earlwood and Lakemba clinic where she collaborates with families to create effective and meaningful intervention for their kids. Her expertise includes working with children who have articulation difficulties, language delays, literacy problems, stuttering, and social communication difficulties. Tammy is devoted to working closely with families of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, including Vietnamese. She is passionate about creating fun and engaging group therapy and language workshops for school-aged children and teens through the popular table-top role play game Dungeons & Dragons.

Chloe Da Silva

B.AS (Speech Pathology) USyd.

Chloe is currently a member of Speech Pathology Australia and has a Bachelor of Speech Pathology from The University of Sydney. 

She has been working as a speech pathologist for 8 years and has extensive experience working with children who have speech and language difficulties. Chloe also has experience working closely with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Suny Periera

Suny is currently a member of Speech Pathology Australia and has a Masters degree in Speech and Language Pathology from Macquarie University, and a Bachelor degree in psychology and linguistics from The University of New South Wales.


Suny provides assessment and therapy to a range of children and adults with communication and swallowing disorders across clinical, school and home environments. She works closely with patients and families to provide patient-centered care, and to address a patient's needs as part of a multidisciplinary team. Suny areas of expertise include voice, articulation and swallowing. She is passionate about working with the LGBT+ community with an interest in advocacy, support and service provision for transgender voice therapy.

Suny is additionally certified in Voicecraft.


Cassandra Akkari

M Speech Pathology, Bscience USyd.

Cassandra is currently a member of Speech Pathology Australia and has a Masters degree in Speech Language Pathology and a Bachelor degree in Science from The University of Sydney. 

Cassandra works with a range of children and adults with communication difficulties. She is passionate about taking a holistic therapy approach, taking into account each person's interests and working with any other health professionals involved to ensure therapy is individualised to each person’s life and needs. She is also a strong believer in working closely with family's and family empowerment as she believes their involvement is integral for success in therapy. Cassandra‘s passion is speech sound (articulation) disorders.

Alejandra Romano


Alejandra has completed a Master of Speech and Language Pathology at Macquarie University and is a certified practicing member of Speech Pathology Australia.

She has experience in administering assessments and providing intervention to children and adults with speech, language and fluency disorders across various settings.  Alejandra is devoted to helping children reach their potential and supporting their families every step of the way. 

Alejandra has a particular interest in Autism Spectrum Disorder and has experience working as an ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) therapist.

 Alejandra is certified in the Spalding method and Sounds-Write for literacy development and Hanen ‘It Takes two to Talk’ program for children with expressive and receptive language delays.


 She has experience working with families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and is fluent in Italian and Spanish.  

Angela Smalios


Angela is our friendly, caring, and welcoming recepetionist. She is currently in her third year studying Speech Pathology at Macquarie University. She chose speech pathology as she is passionate about helping children and their communication abilities. 

Angela works closley with clients in order to ensure they are paired with a clinican that best suits the family's needs and is also willing and happy to assist you with any further questions you may have. 



Vicki has been our admin support since 2018 and has offered many years of support for property development along with 20 years of optical background. She had the opportunity to be a project trainer as part of her optical career.

Vicki is a mum of 2 who has been living in the Earlwood community for the past 30 years.Vicki loves seeing the kids progress with their treatment but most of all enjoys catching up with the parents.

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